Sihirli Bahçe Montessori School

A Day in Our School


In traditional education classes are arranged according to the chronological ages of children, same aged children are collected in the same classes. Every class has its own weekly schedule and a definite classroom area.

The first Montessori School established in the districts of Rome is a complete hall for the use of the whole class with around sixty children. The children work with the Montessori Materials, prepare the breakfast and lunch in here; also they can sleep and play in the same place. Sihirli Bahçe Montessori School has a different architecture and this is a five-story building with various facilities. Therefore, children can perform other activities when they are not in the areas designed as Montessori classes. Branch lessons as music is performed in the school’s theater and art is performed in the art area where you can find art materials all in the same place. Gym lessons and garden time are also scheduled. So, our conditions for now can present more to experience than the first Montessori School.

These new conditions let us prepare a weekly schedule that is much more efficient than the traditional schedules. We are using this schedule for almost nine years and experience the successful end results. According to this schedule children do not stay in a classroom for every activity. They stay in the Montessori classrooms for block hours in order to preserve the continuity of working with the Montessori Materials. Branch lessons as music and art, swimming, physical education in gym or garden, garden time, caring of flowers, vegetables and animals, block play activities where we use gym as a free-to-build area, science experiments and drama, also, without doubt, children have free play times; these activities and many others are exist in our school’s weekly schedule where we guarantee the richness of experiences that should be presented for the child’s development.